We always hear about how a couple of college kids got together over some beers and pizza, and how new ideas, some creativity, some desire to change the world and a teeny bit of madness led to what later became a thriving company...

Except in our case, it was a lime juice on a hot day, or may be just water...or was it watermelon juice...???


The year was 2005, sometime in June, and thanks to Mr. RamMohan and his friend in Srivari Property Developers who needed a 3D walk-through for his latest project, our exhaustive research (a.k.a our internet explorer history) and lots of peer feedback and advice (lets just collectively call them gogul), Waterlemon Studios was born.


This fortunate turn of events led us to work with Cotton City Developers, Sankar & Associates, Turya Designs, Sreevatsa Real Estates, VA Group, Pricol Properties, VGN Developers, Shriram Properties, White House Residencies, Ishan Foundation, WhiteInk Architecture, Advaitaa Homes, DnA Studio, Arun & Associates, Dhanaas Properties, Maran Designs, IVA Infrastructures, KRC Housing, Daksha Properties, Mount Housing, (the list goes on...) and the rest, as they say, is arch viz history.

We, at Waterlemon Studios, undertake all architectural visualization projects. This includes 3D rendered ImagesWalk-through and Virtual Reality.

It is equal parts science, technology and art. We strictly adhere to Saravan's Theory of Natural Chaos, which states that any house, building, or man-made structure acquires true beauty when it is in harmony with its natural surroundings, which, more often than not, have not one straight line in sight. We always try to create images that are true to its surroundings, in other words, true to the natural chaos around. This is what helps us achieve representations of our client's design that are as smooth and clear as having a conversation with the designer himself. 

What makes us tick

  • We have a good time doing what we love, and we do love what we do, enabling us to honor our commitments to clients without compromising on quality.
  • We believe in continuously updating ourselves through constant research and experiment. The way we look at it, every project is a chance at improving and reinventing ourselves.
  • Our passion for design, coupled with our technical and artistic backgrounds, provides a balanced and joyful experience for designer and client alike.

What we hope to be able to achieve

"Change the design world (talk about a cliche!!!), one arch viz image at a time."